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Ahoy, narwhal.

Wow, its been a really long time. Hello world! I've come out of hibernation to speak, and recount what I have been doing since November. In summary: Not much, but lots of stuff. I've got a wall half built, a friendship half broken before its even started and classes stressingly unfinished. I believe it is also raining, although, I love that so, I give the weather 20 points for cheering me up. Take away five because its cold when the entire week was warm. I'm excited for Monday. It's a new start, not a clean slate but as close as I can get without doing what I did last year. (Leave everything behind and head for New York.) Let's see how that goes, going to get out more than I do now. I'll have to try and make time for sleeping at one point I imagine. Got a huge list of things to do, a big list of rules and only a couple of hours before its Monday and the whirlwind will hopefully start. Wish me luck, cruel world, I'll hopefully be able keep swimming at the surface! Time to go crazy, and wear tons of layers, and beg my french professor to let me off the hook. I will no longer take french after this, it makes me go crazier than I usually am. All in due time, though. For now...Onward!

Text Of Rainbow Carvings


Tight Yarn Of A Great Mind

While its been forever, I have to say I'm surprised at myself. Did I honestly just write 1000 words of Inception fic for Inception big bang?! Yes I did. Holy crap. Otherwise, I've been so busy, I'm tired all the time and I'm growing closer to being even older than I already am. Kind of sucks. I'm so happy to be going home soon. Yes! (JGL obsession has grown, and its hard to control when I find other boys and girls who love him as much as I do.)

Challenged accepted. :)

Light Is A Color

Its August 1, and I've got 26 days until I move out of my hooouse. I'm excited. And nervous. I started writing again, just a little which is nice, but it makes me sad that I remember times when I couldn't stop writing. I filled notebooks so quickly, my mother would ask whether it was all really for school. I've missed you fandom! All I do nowadays is try and catch up on Kradam Big Bang and watch movies on Netflix. I've managed to ignore most fandoms by just not being online and doing things like taking the greyhound somewhere. Never. Again. I love flying, like reallyreally love it so I'll just do that instead. At least I got to see some cool places. Chicago was amazing while I was there, so I'm really excited to move and settle into a totally new place.

Why can't I write anymore world?! What did I do to deserve the worst writers block ever?

Its sad. But I'm pretty happy with reading I guess. :)

Sour Has A Complex Equation

Its May. Holy crap. Time flies. I'm sad because I didn't get to do anything for BBB this year. I've missed going to yoga. I've missed sleep. I went to Coachella! It was amazing of course, and I think the worst thing is going to class Monday when you just got back. I mean, we got home I went to class and ended up at a friends house. Oh and guess what? Me and my dear friend had already completely forgotten that we had another concert on Wednesday. We went to see the Young Veins! I laughed. A lot. I don't even know, guys, Foxy Shazam was fucking crazy. He ate three cigarettes. Is he still alive? In short: We got no sleep that week. And it rained.

I'm actually supposed to be writing two papers due in...about eight hours. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish them but I'm hoping that an adorable geeky angel will come down and do them for me. We'll enjoy some fine coffee and essay horror stories. I have many, but I'm sure he has billions.


I've had some major writers block. Major. So major, it should be in all caps. So I'll give you some Kradam. Please consider that I'm sleepy and no one is awake to tell me how to fix it.


Kris can't sleep when Adam isn't home.Collapse )

Math Kills.

I have to start posting more. Sorry. Although, lately I've been really fucking sick. It sucks more than usually because its hot here, and everyone is going to the beach and eating ice cream while I cough my lungs out and whine about how much throat hurts. Booooo. At least we have a bunch of things going on in April. Anyone going to Coachella? I've missed a week of yoga, and it kind of sucks because I like it. Now, I just sleep my days away in a sickness induced haze and sip tea so the cat in my throat will stop scratching. March has just been horrid. I need to get back up and fight! Rawr!

After I get better. of course. Otherwise, I'll lay here and watch a bunch of movies that I maybe understand half of. I'm really really tired, and really really sick. But I'll get better. (Frank's having twins. :DDDD.) :)

Fierce Turtles In The Golden Sea

I'm in New York. Its cold. Secretly, I love it and am savoring it before I go back to LA and enjoy the rain and random unlikely changes. I haven't had much  chance to actually go out and explore New York, if you have any cool places I'm willing to check them out but otherwise I've finally bought my Holga (camera) and named him Neptune. We love each other. The family I'm staying with is much too kind, as well as irritating. :| Much thanks to them, but I'm typing this in the privacy of the corner. sigh.

I've signed up for BBB, immediately afterwords screaming out 'I can't do this!' and called my darling beta so she could calm me down. (I am still unable to do this. Inspiration hit me, and it didn't use a pillow but I cannot!) I went to see The Lovely Bones which led to to what I wanted to do. :) I will not lie and say I didn't cry. I've cried over Criminal Minds people, its all Reids fault. (ILHIM.) I miss my privacy, and my bbys back home. I also miss Target. I can't find one and it hurts me in my soul. I also cannot find a Pinkberry which I'm very sure there is but I'm not complaining. Its freezing and I tend to sort of gravitate towards the nearest Starbucks. I have Madeline to thank for that.

I miss singing. As bad as I am at singing, I love to do it. I sing in the shower, the car, during commercials and sometimes during boring shows to make them better. I hum when I think it might be too much of an annoyance to sing but I do it all the time in my brain. Its been hard staying quiet in the shower.

Sadly, I am mostly on my own in New York, and I've seen like three cool things and I'm not letting the family take me out anymore. Everytime was a disaster that mostly made me want to sit and stay there forever. :( I have no exploring buddy. Other than all of that, I'm enjoying being in a new city. (The urban outfitters here made me smile. I got a 20 dollar dress and I thought we would never see a sale like that again.)

Yearn Of A Giggly Truffle

Hi! Its been 15 weeks since my last post, and it looks like I've just been pushing posting off. I've been really really busy. So, busy, that I am off to New York soon. Everyone. I am traveling alone, anyone know any cool places? I'm excited for this trip, I'm blowing off all kinds of shit to go and be in New York and try and get used to the feeling of new. It seems Chicago is also in my radar. Otherwise, I've been a boring person. I went to see Peaches in November for technolustt's birthday. It was really awesome. I would have taken pictures but it was all sort of mesmerizing.

I'm writing ASB. Also known as Spaden, also known as Adam Lambert/Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith.

I also like to call it Laurith. It makes me giggle.

But, its all technolustt fault, again, because we talk and I tell her stories when she gets a boring lecture and I don't even know why I listen sometimes when she tells me a pairing and GO! I should stop. (She asked for Gerard/Adam once. I, like, gurgled and wrote a tiny scene.) I've decided to make it into some sort of extended 'verse because I can't write an epic, and give it to her soon. Sorry bby. ILU. But, I'm writing up a storm, and hiding it except from my beta who is encouraging when I am having a crazy moment. Bless her. I'm trying my best to make it readable, though it must be because I sent her the tiniest snippet ever to be mean, (I'm sorry. Again.) and apparently it was alright even though the beta has not taken it and made it better. So, yay!

I'm going to go ahead and type some sort of summary. Sigh.

Its sort of like this: Baby!Panic meets Baby!Adam, (They all have just graduated high school.) and its the beginning of summer. Pete Wentz has just signed them and they pick up Adam on the way to the studio. They all become bff's.

Its great.

Eventually, though, in my brain there is pining and angst because Adam is in love with those idiots, but he's with Brad. Doing drugs, drinking, partying, ignoring Pete Wentz, and eventually Burning Man which leads to American Idol.

Spencer just lost half his band, and two of his best friends along with his house and his dogs and his girlfriend.

Brendon's just sort of lost hope.

Triangles guys. Triangles. There's a reason Telly loves them.

I love my new icons? :) I'm so tired. I have yet to start packing, or buy anything for the snowy weather. I live in a warm place folks, I'm weak. I want someone to write me that goddamn Animorphs AU that won't get out of my head.

Brendon is totally Marco. Bob can be Jake? Spencer perhaps?  Greta can be Cassie, and Vicky-T can be Rachel. Tobias can be Mikey Way! Sadly, it fits. Ax can be Ax? I don't know! But I want fun times Animorphs! In which the Yeerks are beaten, and THEY ALL LIVE O-FUCKING-KAY and they can be bff's and find love.

Animorphs AU. Somebody? Please? Or a Dexter AU? Or my fav: Vicky-T/Spencer/Travis? Or Radio Show Host!Gerard? Maybe Electro-pop music duo!Spencer and Jon?

I'm rambling. Ok. I need sleep. Night!

Of Caramel And Spindly Natures

I'm in my friends dorm room! Yaaaay. She left me here, with her computer and her food and she's in class and we're still texting. (She's bad.) I've had an interesting summer. Really. I went to see My Chemical Romance. With technolustt. We totally earned them, fuck. I'm pretty sure everyone knows their my super band. (You know, everyone has this one band that you just sort of fall in love with?) and I met Frank and it was awesome. He's so nice! Afterwords, we went for pizza and when we walked back to get to the car we saw Mikey. We wanted to talk to him...I'm glad that didn't happen because I was wearing this sweater that showed my bra because I had to take my shirt off, holy shit, it was so soaked. So we just kind of heehee'd and went home.

I went to see Cobra Starship. Once again, with  technolustt and our other friend. It was also completely amazing. We saw Suarez and Vicky-T before the show, and the wait was fucking killer. The show as pretty rad! I loved it, we were close and we had spots in front of Ryland and yaaay Cobras! After the show I met Suarez. He was soso nice! I just wanted a picture but I got a picture and a hug! I met Vicky-T who is absolutely gorgeous and we were close to meeting Gabe but he was taken away. I waved and he waved back. :) Afterwords, we broke bread and headed home. :)

Then. Then came Street Scene San Diego. I have no words for how fun it was, and how amazing all the people were. I'll just do this: Contact highs! Hotel! Running! Friends! Ihop! Water! Penis Ring! Conor Oberst! Trolley! Candy! Pool break-ins! Late Night Snacks! Karaoke! Bad TV! Balcony talks! Other things that made me laugh and giggle and guffaw. Seriously, I hope this happens again next Street Scene. Unbelievable.

OMFG I WENT TO THESE CONCERTS. I DID. YEAH! Seriously, best thing ever. How has your summer been?

Kindness Developed In Stones

So, me and technolustt have many interesting conversations a lot of the time. I am going to share a recent one. Its also one of my favorites. :D We are both sort of ridiculously in love with Adam Lambert. Seriously, how can you not be? He's gorgeous.

darkinnerwolf: oooo. adam lambert time.
technolustt: nomnomnom You know you want to read the rest. :DCollapse )

And thats our conversation. Please be aware the our love for Adam Lambert is in fact this deep.
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